Australian Quoll Conservancy

Conservation Projects

Established in October 2014, The AQC is Australia’s newest conservation group. The Australian Quoll Conservancy is an ACNC and DGR (Tax Deductible Gift Recipient) registered non profit organisation, dedicated to the conservation of all four Australia’s Quoll Species, particularly the race “gracilis” of the Spotted tailed Quoll in North Queensland. 

The AQC is based in Cairns, however we strive to promote, support and create conservation efforts on all quoll species across Australia. 

The Australian Quoll Conservancy is a standalone nationwide conservation group with its own Quoll "Species Recovery Team" in North Queensland. The Australian Quoll Conservancy is avidly working with QPWS to save the dwindling populations of the Spotted-tailed Quoll "gracilis" race in North Queensland, currently with a mapped estimate of less than 350 animals in the wild. 

Our philosophy is simple, "Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal".

AQC followers and volunteers are assisting with local and interstate projects for the preservation of the Spotted-tailed Quolls, such as North Queensland, VICTORIA and soon in Tasmania. However none of this work can be performed without the monetary generosity of individual donors and corporate supporters.


The AQC is active in a range of conservation projects, including the following:

· Ongoing mapping, monitoring and researching existing populations of STQs in North Queensland.
· Spotted-tailed Quoll Wildlife Corridor (Joining Goldsborough National Park and Danbulla National Park) - Current 5 year project 
· Misty Mountains Wilderness Tracks Spotted-tailed Quoll Survey- Current 2015-2019 collaboration with QPWS Innisfail
· Paluma National Park Spotted-tailed Quoll Survey- Current 2017-2019 collaboration with QPWS in Paluma National Park
· Victoria Spotted-tailed Quoll Survey - 2018-2020 - collaboration with local volunteers and DELWP
· Re-introduce quolls to former habitat with the intention of restoring their population and range of these animals.


The AQC offers a range of services, including the following:

· Capture and relocate stranded quolls from dwellings, cars, etc. FREE OF CHARGE (AQC holds a Certified EHP Damage Mitigation permit under Nature Conservation (Administration Regulation 2006)
· Educate the public about the plight of quolls and what they can do to stop the decline.
· Assistance with all forms of research into quolls.

CONTACT CAIRNS OFFICE (Alberto Vale) 0412 632 328
CONTACT VICTORIAN BRANCH (Dean Wilson) 0407 472 436

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