Australian Quoll Conservancy

How to help: DONATIONS

Saving these wonderful creatures from extinction will require a lot of hard work and effort. To do this, we need your help. You can contribute to helping saving these animals from extinction via either a donation, sponsorship or a grant.

No matter how large or small, all donations will help out our cause. Your donation will go towards the operating costs of the AQC and projects. Whether it’s to buy batteries for a sensor camera, purchase chicken bait for monitoring or buy land for quoll habitat it’s all vital to the cause. You can donate to us via PayPal (all donations over $2 AUD are tax deductible, receipt will be issued upon receiving your donation - The AQC has DGR Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status by the Australian Taxation Office)


Does your company want to have environmental credibility? Well you can by sponsoring the AQC. In return, we will promote your company on our website, in our newsletters, in all media releases and presentations. We will also tell you where your sponsorship support goes so you can come along the journey with us and see what a difference your sponsorship makes. You will also garner respect in the community and with your customers and you can show them the important contribution you are making to save such a remarkable animal. Sponsorship can be in kind as well as financial. If you would like to contact us about sponsorship, please do send now


As a government agency, you can greatly assist the AQC by helping us aquire grants or by providing grants for our conservation efforts.


Membership to the AQC not only means that you support what we do, but you can participate in activities, receive newsletters, participate in fund raising events, attend committee meetings and know that you a part of an important group of people passionate about the conservation of these magnificent animals. Membership is currently free. If you would like to become a member, please let us know via email to send now and provide us with your name, address, email and phone contact.


Purchase "PLATYPUS IN THE TROPICS & LIFE Beneath the Canopy" to learn about these magnificent creatures. A donation from the purchase of this documentary will go towards the AQC.

AQC IS A REGISTERED "Deductible Gift Recipient" by the ATO

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