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Quoll Spots Programme Project

In January 2015 the AQC launched the "Spots Programme" in an attempt to ascertain the current distribution of the spotted-tailed quoll (D.maculatus gracilis) in Tropical North Queensland.

The maps supplied to the general public about threatened species habitat by EHP are ONLY indicative rather than definitive maps. Such maps are now the stepping stone for further investigation including the future results of a comprehensive scientific assessment by the AQC. The launch of the "Spots Programme" where an ID mapping by photography is now aiding the regional-scale habitat planning for the species as well as a more accurate representation of individuals population per surveyed area.

There has been no comprehensive monitoring of this species since 1999-2001. The AQC has been actively managing local sightings data since 2013 however was only in 2015 that the comprehensive survey work started. Because of this lack of monitoring, the current population and distribution in north Queensland is unknown and there are fears that the animals are in serious decline.

In 1988 an article published by Scott Burnett published mentioned, "Quoll's’ limited natural distribution and, consequently, very low numbers … has a bearing on the future survival of spotted-tailed quoll's in north Queensland."

" AQC 2015 the Spots Programme" aims to determine the distribution and population of this subspecies and the positive ID of individuals within their known territory including areas and extending to where they have been absent or poorly surveyed.

With the assistance of the Cairns Regional Council - Community Grants, AQC successfully purchase 10 trail cameras and rechargeable batteries toward the" AQC 2015 the Spots Programme". Full CRC report

The AQC is now activily surveying of a range of areas for STQs in the Wet Tropics, including Misty Mountain, Gadgarra National Park and Lamb Range. Additional survey work in the future will be undertaken in other areas of the Misty Mountains, National Parks north of the Daintree River, Mt Lewis/Mt Carbine complex and Paluma further to the south.

Results of the survey work so far has indicated the presence of STQs in the Lamb Range, Mt Windsor Tableland, Mt Lewis, Bartle Frere, & Bellenden Kerr. The AQC is hopeful of finding animals in locations yet to be explored by the AQC in 2016.



Belleden Ker - current 6 month survey from top station to the bottom station
Misty Mountains Wilderness Tracks - Current with a 6 month survey in collaboration with QPWS Innisfail
Mount Lewis - upcoming STQuoll Survey May 2016
Mt Windsor - upcoming STQuoll & Northern Bettong Survey June/July 2016


The project will appreciate further support from other wildlife minded individuals, so please donate through AQC PayPal account button inside every page of our website and become part of this project.

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